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Adjusting Audio Options
Adjusting Audio Options
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Choosing Background Music

To access the various background music tracks offered by Pictory, click on the Audio tab on the left side of your screen. From here, click on Background Music tab and you will see a list of music tracks with a short description and the length listed. ​

To preview a soundtrack, simply press the play button and ensure your device volume is turned on. The track will begin to play so you can have an idea of how it will sound before deciding on the right soundtrack for your project.

To select a music track for your project, simply click on the track you would like and it will be applied. You can be sure of this by noting the blue 'Applied' icon.

If you want to remove a music track from your project, simply click the 'x' button in the upper right corner and it will be removed.

Important Notes:

  1. Selected background music will be applied to all scenes, but you have the option of manually turning off the background music for specific scenes. To learn more please visit our Adjusting Scenes and Scene Visuals page and navigate to 'Managing Scene Settings'.

  2. Music tracks do not loop, so if your project is longer, please ensure you choose a longer track that will cover the entire video length.

  3. You are not required to choose a music track, so you can skip this step if you wish to have a video without background music.

  4. The speed and volume of the music track at this moment are fixed.


To access the prebuilt voice-overs, select the Voice-over tab which is directly to the right of the Background Music tab.

There are various accents you can choose from with multiple voice styles within each accent group.

To preview a voice-over simply press the play button and it will give you a short demo of how the voice-over sounds.

To adjust the speed of your voice-over, click and drag the adjustable slider at the top of the screen that runs from 0% to 200%.

To fix a pronunciation issue with the voice-over, simply send a request to us at [email protected] with the word and its correct phonetic pronunciation and we will fix it promptly.

Please note that the volume of the prebuilt voice-over at this moment is fixed.

Adding Your Own Voice-Over to a Scene

Pictory also allows you to record your own voice-over during the video-building process or upload a prerecorded voice-over. For both of these options, begin by navigating to the scene you would like to add your own voice-over to using the Story tab. Once on the scene, you will notice the 'Add voice-over' option under the scene. Press on this option and you will have the option to upload a voice-over or record one using your device microphone.

Pressing Record voice-over option

You may need to allow Pictory to use your device microphone when recording your own voice-over. Begin by clicking the record button in the middle which will immediately begin recording. Ensure you are in a quiet environment when recording, then say what you would like to be recorded as the voice-over for the scene. Once you are done with your recording, press the stop button.

Now you will have the option to hear your recording by pressing the play button, alter the speed of your recording, save it, apply it to the scene if you are content with it, or cancel and rerecord it if necessary. Recorded voice-overs you apply will apply only to the scene you recorded it on.

Pressing Upload voice-over option

From here you can drag and drop or click on the box and browse your files for a voice-over you would like to upload to the scene.

You may want to preview the scene to make sure that your recorded or uploaded voice-over is as you intended.

Additional Features

You can select background music tracks and voice-overs as favorites by hovering on the track or voice-over you would like to favorite and then clicking on the heart icon that appears.

Favorited tracks and voice-overs can be viewed in the 'Favorite' tab which is denoted by the heart icon next to 'Recent.'

Under the 'My uploads' tab, you will have the option to upload your own background music and voice-overs. Simply navigate to this tab and click on the upload box to begin.

Ensure that you are on the correct tab, 'Background music' or 'Voice-over,' before uploading your background music or voice-over.

Voice-overs that you record and decide to save using the scene 'Add voice-over' option will appear under the voice-over tab under 'My uploads'.

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