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Loop Background Visual
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Are some scenes in your video stuck in between? Here's a solution we have for this!
Pictory will now loop the visual in your scene and you will have an option to disable it if you want.

This feature will be available by default for Article to Video and Script to Video. In the scenario where you are editing a video, the Loop Video option will be available for B-Roll video.

Here's a quick illustration of how this feature will work:

1. Article to Video and Script to Video:​

When you hover over the settings button on a scene, the menu pops up and first option you see is "Loop Video". This will be enabled by default.

Loop video will keep the background visual playing in loop for longer texts in a scene.

You can disable this option if you don't want the visual to run in loop.

2. Video Editing:

Under the Customize Video option, when you add a B-Roll visual for any scene, you will see the Loop Video option enabled. Which means your B-Roll visual will loop if you have longer text associated to the scene.

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