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How do default tags work?
How do default tags work?
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If you have certain templates and styles you would like to use often in your projects, you can customize and rename them as you like so you can easily access and apply them when you want to. That's the essence of default tags, read on to learn how to customize templates.

How to customize templates

  • From the storyboard go to Styles > Styles library

  • From the styles library go to your preferred styles and click 'Add to template' to add them to your current template.

  • Go to template styles, go to your newly added styles, click on the three dots and apply the styles to the scenes you want - intro, scenes or outro. This will automatically make the style the default style for the selected scene.

  • You can also edit your template name so you can easily remember it when you want to use it.

How to apply customized templates

  • To apply your customized templates in a new project, from the script to video or article to video page, you will be taken to the templates window, go to ?My templates? and choose your preferred template.

  • You can also access your templates from the storyboard. Go to styles >> click on the template palate to change your template.

  • In the new window, click "My templates" and select your preferred template.

Once a customized template is applied to your, the chosen style(s) for the intro, outro, and the rest of the scenes will always be applied to the video.

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