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How to save intro and outro text?
How to save intro and outro text?
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Do you have a particular phrase or text you would like to use in the intro and outro scenes of every video you make? You can easily do this on Pictory without having to manually edit your intro and outro text every time you create a video on Pictory. Here is how you can get it done.

How to edit intro/outro text

1. From the script editor/article summary page, you will be taken to the templates page where you will select your preferred template.

2. In the 'Templates library' tab you will find a lay out all the templates offered by Pictory while 'My templates' shows the user's customized templates. Whenever you make changes to a template and save them, such as editing your intro and outro text, the customized template will be under this tab, from where you can always access them later.

3. After choosing your template, you will be taken to the storyboard.

4. On the storyboard, start by enabling your intro and outro scenes. To do this, go to the scene strip on the bottom of the right side of your screen. Locate your intro and outro scenes and click on the eye icon on top of the scene to disable/enable the scenes.

5. Once you enable the into/outro scene, the left side of the screen will automatically open the 'Branding' tab which is where you will make the changes to your text. You can always return to this tab to edit the text if you wish to.

6. From 'Branding' go to Intro or Outro, scroll down to the text box and edit your text as desired. The default text for the intro scene is 'Another day, another story', while the default text for the outro scene is 'Thanks for watching'.

7. Any changes made to this text will be reflected on the preview screen on the right side of your screen.

How to save intro/outro text

1. Changes made to the text on the branding tab are automatically saved to the template. You can go ahead and edit the name of your template so it's easier to remember as shown below.

2. Please note that only changes made under the branding tab on the left side are saved to the template. If you edit your text on the preview screen on the right-hand side, it will only be saved to that particular project but not to the template.

3. To see your newly customized template or edit a new template, click on the template palate as shown below. This will take you to the template page where you will see your customized templates under the 'My templates' tab.

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