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More on Article Links
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What Qualifies as an Article Link?

In general, things that work: links for blogs, articles, news and such will work. If the link is something that includes text content, it will likely work as an article link.

Here are some examples of links that work:

In general, things that do not work: URLs to documents such as PDFs, word files, and such will likely not work as input for an article link.

Links that do not include text content such as Facebook pages, search results, YouTube, and Reddit will not work as well.

Here are some examples of links that do not work:

If you believe that your link fits within these criteria and is still not working, you may choose to copy and paste the text of that link into a Word document, remove all formatting elements besides bolding of words you want as keywords, summarize it to your liking manually, and use it as a script instead.

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