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Adjusting Styles
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About Styles

The Styles tab is intended to allow for quick and easy theme selection and scene transition selection. Themes are prebuilt style options that can be applied to your project and will enhance the visual appeal and organization of each scene, allowing for a consistent look throughout the video. Scene transitions similarly augment the fluidity and seamlessness of your video.


To select a theme for your video, navigate to the Styles tab on the left of your screen. You will see our collection of pre-built themes from which you can pick.

To preview a theme, simply click on it and it will be applied to your entire project.

If the theme is not applying as you intend, please ensure brand settings are turned off as they will override any of the prebuilt themes. To learn more on this, visit our brand settings page.

By applying a theme, your text and keyword highlighting will not be affected, only the elements involved in the theme will be (highlight color, text font, text box style and location).

Scene Transitions

In the same Styles tab, next to Themes, you will see the option of Scene transitions. Click on this option to see a variety of different transitions you can implement into your project.

Though you cannot preview the transition before generation, you can preview how each transition will look by hovering over the transition and leaving your cursor on it. You will be shown a short preview of how the transition will appear.

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