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Storyboard essentials
Storyboard essentials
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How to adjust the duration of a scene?
How to disable voice-over on a scene?
How to save intro and outro text?
How to add elements to a video?
How can I mute my uploaded video and replace the voice over with an AI Voice?
Why does my estimated video duration keep changing?
Why don't I see that many Getty visuals?
Why can't I hear the audio preview for background and voiceovers?
How to Trim Background Video Clips?
How to enable Zoom and Pan for Images?
How to create videos in HD 1080p resolution?
How to select/change the video aspect ratio?
How to delete a scene?
How to insert or add new scene?
How to turn off the captions when you start with a video?
How to reorder video scenes?
How to apply text box changes to all scenes?
How to change the position of text on your video?
How to add a Shadow background to your text?
How to change the subtitle animation?
How to hide text on the video?
How to reformat videos (16:9 to 1:1 or 9:16)?
How to add or delete a scene?
How do I edit transition? All about transitions
How to Highlight or Unhighlight words or the Storyboard?
How to enable and position full width text on your video?
What to do when you cannot hear applied voice over on Intro and Outro scenes?
How to turn off the background video from playing in loop?
How to make the text background transparent?
How to edit a style and save it?
How to apply different styles to different scenes in the video?
How to edit your scene duration/trim your video
Adjusting Scenes and Scene Visuals
Adjusting Styles
Scene Navigation
How to change the video format and resolution?
How to link and unlink scenes?
How to Edit/Add Text on your video?