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What does linking scenes mean?
What does linking scenes mean?

You might want to understand what the linked scenes signify, before turning them off

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Have you noticed this icon in any of your scenes and wondered what it means? Here’s a brief explanation of linked scenes and their purpose before you decide to turn them off.

How do linked scenes work?

Linked scenes ensure that the voiceover flows smoothly and seamlessly across two or more scenes, without any unnecessary breaks or pauses in the narration.

Linked scenes create the impression of continuous narration, with just the subtitles changing while the background visual remains unchanged.

For more details on how to link and unlink scenes, read here.

What is the relationship between linked scenes and visuals?

It's important to note that all linked scenes will share the same background visual. Any background visual applied to a linked scene will be displayed across all the linked scenes. However, visuals added as layers to any of the linked scenes will not appear in the other linked scenes. The only constant across linked scenes is the background visual or color.

Additionally, because linked scenes share the same background visual, scene transitions are disabled between them.

How many scenes can I link at once?

While there is no limit to the number of linked scenes you can have in a video, we recommend not overusing linked scenes to avoid potential issues during video generation.

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