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How to link and unlink scenes?
How to link and unlink scenes?
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If your goal is to add the same background visual to one or more scenes, you must use the Link Scene functionality. Please note that the 'link' scene feature only works for consecutive scenes; for instance, you can only link scene 3 with scenes 2 or 4 as they are directly next to scene 3, but you can't link scene 3 with other scenes. That said, now let's get into how to link and unlink scenes.

How to link scenes

  • First off, the link scene feature can be found on the storyboard.

  • Next, go to the scenes you want to link on the left panel. Hover above the scenes until the chain icon appears β€” this is the link icon. Click on this to link the two scenes.

  • You can link multiple scenes as seen below. However, we recommend sufficiently breaking your scenes (adding full stops where necessary) to ensure a more realistic narration if you use an AI voiceover.

  • Note that when you link scenes, the background image or video that will be displayed across the scenes is visual in the first scene in the chain. For instance, if you link scenes 7, 8 and 9, the visual in scene 7 is what is going to play across the 3 scenes.

How to unlink scenes

  • Unlinking scenes is just as easy as linking them, Simply go to the link icon and click it to unlink the scene. After you unlink a scene, you can add any other background image or video to it.

Points to note with linked scenes

  1. Any background visual you apply to a linked scene will play across all the scenes linked to that particular scene.

  2. A visual that is added as a layer on any of the linked scenes will not be seen or played across other linked scenes. The only constant across linked scenes is the background visual or color.

  3. Transitions are disabled between linked scenes

Review the help video on Link & Unlink scenes β€”

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