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There are three main ways you can navigate between scenes while creating your project, through the Story tab, using the arrows in the scenes themselves, and using the ordered scene thumbnails.

Using the Story Tab

  1. The Story tab shows you an ordered list of your summary sentences broken down into scenes and sub-scenes.

  2. You can navigate through your scenes and sub-scenes simply by clicking on the scene or sub-scene you wish you work on.

Using the Arrows on the Scenes

  1. On the left and right side of any scene, you will notice arrows.

  2. You can navigate from one scene to the preceding one or the subsequent one by clicking on these arrows.

Please note that the arrows may be difficult to see depending on the color scheme of your scene visual.

Using the Scene Thumbnails

  1. Below the scenes is an ordered collection of the thumbnails of each scene in your project. This is called the scene strip.

  2. Similarly to the Story tab, you can simply click on the scene or sub-scene you wish you to view and it will appear.

  3. Use the arrows at the right and left to navigate through all the scenes in your project. So, if the thumbnails shown are from scene 1 to scene 3, and you want to view scene 7, you can click the right arrow or scroll until scene 7 appears in the thumbnails below and then click on it to view it.

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