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How to reorder the visuals and layers on a scene
How to reorder the visuals and layers on a scene

Here's two easy methods to organize visuals and reorder the layers in your video

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Adding multiple videos, images, GIFS and other elements to a single scene can become complex, especially when organizing them. Here’s how you can reorder your scene layers to simplify your workflow:

Method 1: Reordering from the Scene Viewport

  1. Navigate to the scene where you want to rearrange the layers.

  2. Select the visual you wish to reorder, then click on the three dots menu and navigate to ‘Layer order’.

  3. From the Layer order dropdown, select the desired option according to your preference.

  4. The chosen action will be instantly applied to the selected visual, visible within the scene.

Method 2: Reordering with the Layers Tab

Occasionally, layers may be hidden behind other objects on the screen. In such cases, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the scene where you need to reorder the layers.

  2. Select the layers icon on the scene viewport to open the layers tab on the left panel.

  3. Locate the visual you want to reorder. Click on the drag icon on the left of the selected tab and use it to move the object.

    • Drag upwards to bring it to the front, placing it on top of other layers.

    • Drag downwards to send it to the back, positioning it behind other layers.

  4. The scene text, logo, and background are fixed layers and cannot be repositioned.

    • The scene text and logo always remain on top, while the background visual serves as the bottom layer.

Follow these methods to efficiently organize and reorder layers within your scenes.

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