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How to add more than one visual to a scene
How to add more than one visual to a scene

Learn step-by-step instructions on adding multiple visuals to your scenes.

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You can add more than one visual to a scene. Follow these simple steps for detailed instructions:

  1. On the storyboard, go to the scene where you want to add an additional visual.

  2. Navigate the 'Visuals' on the left panel:

    1. For stock visuals, go to 'Library'.

    2. To use your own visuals, go to 'My Uploads'. Here, you can upload new visuals or select from those already uploaded.

  3. Search for the desired visual. Once you've found one you like, hover over it to reveal the options on the card.

  4. Click the ‘+’ button labelled ‘Add as layer’ located at the top right corner of the visual card to add it.

  5. The selected visual will automatically overlay on the current scene's visuals.

With these steps, you should be able to effortlessly enhance your scenes with additional layers.

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