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How to add elements to a video?
How to add elements to a video?
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Do you want to know how to add elements to your videos using Pictory? Let's walk you through the steps to achieve that.

  • On the storyboard, go to 'Elements' on the left-hand menu.

  • All elements here are grouped under three tabs: Stickers, GIFs, and Emojis. You will find an element under its respective name tab.

  • You can search for your element of voice under the respective search bar by entering a keyword. (search by stickers under 'Sticker' tab, GIFs under 'GIFs' tab, and Emojis under 'Emoji' tab.

  • When you find an element you like, simply click on it to apply it to the current scene. You can click on another scene on the scene strip to switch scenes and apply your emoji to another scene.

  • Once applied to a scene, you can click on the element on the scene preview on the right side of your screen to view the quick actions where you will find options to copy, copy to all scenes duplicate and delete.

  • Elements on a scene are also scalable and draggable. So you can move them around to any part of the scene you want them on and use the scale to increase or decrease the size of the element to your liking.

And that's how you add elements to your video!

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