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How to adjust the duration of a scene?
How to adjust the duration of a scene?
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Did you know you could adjust the duration of the scenes in your video? However, there are limitations to the adjustment you can make to the scene duration when you have applied a voiceover.

For recorded/uploaded voiceovers β€” When a recorded voiceover is applied, the scene duration button is disabled as the video duration is synced with the duration of the recorded voiceover, hence can neither be increased or decreased.

For AI voiceovers β€” When an AI voiceover is applied, the scene duration is calculated based on the time taken for the voiceover to read through the text on each scene. This cannot be reduced, since the minimum duration is what the AI uses. The only way to reduce the duration would be to remove some text from the scene.

However, the scene duration can be increased with AI voiceovers. When the duration is increased, after the voiceover reads through the text, it will pause until the scene duration runs out before it proceeds to read the text on the next scene.

That said, if you want to increase the duration of your scene, here's how you can do it.

  • From the storyboard, click on the scene you want to modify and then go to the 'Scene duration' button on the page as seen below.

  • Here, you will see the designated length (in seconds) of the current scene. You can then edit it to input the new duration (in seconds) you want your scene to be or use the control arrows to adjust the duration.

  • If you want to apply this new scene duration to all scenes, toggle on 'Apply to all scenes' and every scene in your video will be adjusted to fit the assigned duration. If not, leave the toggle off and the new duration will only be applied to that particular scene.

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