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Why does voiceover application take time?
Why does voiceover application take time?
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You might have observed that there's a delay after you click the 'Apply' button when adding a voiceover to your video. This article aims to clarify why this occurs and reassure you that this process happens seamlessly in the background.

Why is there a delay in applying the voiceover?

The reason for the delay is quite straightforward. When you hit the 'Apply' button, the system initiates the voiceover generation process. This involves generating the voiceover according to your script and applying it to your project.

However, it's essential to note that all of this occurs in the background, and no additional action is required on your part after you click ‘Apply’.

How long will the voiceover application process take?

The time taken for voiceover generation can vary from one project to another. Generally, the length of your script influences how long it will take the system to generate the voiceover.

Rest assured, even for longer scripts, the voiceover generation process typically won't take more than a quarter of your video's duration.

Can you continue working while the voiceover application is in progress?

You don't need to halt your creative flow while the voiceover is being generated. You can continue editing your videos, making any necessary adjustments, and refining your project. There's no need to monitor the process closely.

How to tell when the voiceover has been applied?

To keep you informed about the progress, you'll notice a loading state indicator on both the 'Audio' icon and the 'Apply' button.

Once the voiceover generation is completed and applied to your video, you'll receive a notification. At this point, the 'Apply' button will transform into 'Applied,' indicating that the voiceover has been successfully applied to your project.

In conclusion, the brief delay you might experience when applying voiceovers in Pictory is due to the necessary background process of generating and applying the voiceover. We've designed this system to be as unobtrusive as possible, allowing you to focus on your creative work.

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