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How is my voiceover quota calculated?
How is my voiceover quota calculated?
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It's important to note that only the Premium voices, which are powered by ElevenLabs have a quota. The Standard voices do not have a quota restriction.

Your voiceover quota gets used up each time you apply a Premium voice to your project and understanding how your voiceover quota works can help you manage it effectively for your projects.

How is the voiceover quota calculated?

  • When you 'Apply' a Premium voiceover, the system generates the voiceover and applies it to your project.

  • The system calculates the duration of the video, which is how long it takes the applied Premium voice to read through the text in your project, and deducts that from your quota.

  • For example, if you have 120 minutes of voiceover quota, and you apply a Premium voice on a project where the duration is 5 minutes, those 5 minutes will be subtracted from your quota, leaving you with 115 minutes of voiceover quota.

When does voice-over quota deduction happen?

  • When you apply a Premium voice by clicking 'Apply', the voiceover generation process begins in the background.

  • Once the voiceover is fully generated and applied to the project, the voiceover quota will be deducted to reflect this change. The deduction from your quota is determined by the duration of the video.

  • In simple terms, if you apply a Premium Voice to your project, assuming the video has a duration of 5 minutes, those 5 minutes will be subtracted from your voiceover quota.

  • It's important to note that the estimated video duration is merely an approximation. The actual video duration becomes known only after you apply the voiceover, and it is this actual duration that gets deducted from your quota, not the initial estimate.

  • Additionally, your voiceover quota is affected each time you apply a premium voice, regardless of whether the video is subsequently downloaded. Therefore, it's advisable to ensure you've applied your preferred voice before proceeding to avoid any unnecessary depletion of your quota.

What happens if you change the text in your video?

  • If you make changes to the text in your video after applying a Premium voice, the applied voiceover will need to be updated to match the new text.

  • But don't worry, the voiceover won’t be generated again for the entire project. The system will only edit the voiceover for the part where the text was changed, and that's the duration that will be deducted from your total quota.

  • For instance, if you edit the text after applying a Premium voice, assuming it takes about 7 seconds to narrate the scene, only the 7-second duration of the updated scene will be subtracted from your voiceover quota.

  • Making all the necessary text changes before applying a Premium voice will help you streamline your workflow and ensure your voiceover quota lasts through the month.

Can you restore your quota after removing a Premium voiceover?

  • Once you've applied a Premium voice to your video and it has been deducted from your quota, there's no way to retrieve it, even if you remove the voiceover. Once the quota deduction occurs, it's irreversible.

We recommend previewing the voiceover by clicking the play button next to any AI voice option. This allows you to listen to a snippet of the voice to ensure it aligns with the style of video you're creating before applying it.

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