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How to add or delete a scene?
How to add or delete a scene?
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You can manually add or delete scenes once you are in the storyboard.

To add a new scene follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the particular scene before or after which you want to add the new scene. For eg, scene 5 in the below screenshot.

  2. The Plus signs that you see to the left and right of the scene visual, are the buttons to add new scene before or after a particular scene.

  3. Blank scene, as the name suggests will add a scene without any text or visual. You can later add content as per your requirements.

  4. Text only will add a scene with a blank text box for you to add the text content.

  5. Visual only, will add a scene with an option for you to select visual that you want for that scene

  6. Text & Visuals, will add a scene and give you option to add text and will automatically add a visual which is relevant to the text that you added.

  7. Linked scene, will add a scene that has the same visual as the scene you are linking this new scene with and you will get a blank text box to add text.

    To delete any scene, you can see a Delete Button right below each scene, click delete and that scene will be deleted from your video.

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