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How to hide captions on the video?
How to hide captions on the video?
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Do you want to hide the subtitles in your video to give it a cleaner and less cluttered look? On Pictory, you can easily hide the text on any scene or all scenes with just one click. Please read below to learn how you can get this done.

To hide captions on a video

  • On the storyboard page, click on the scene where you want the text to be hidden. If you want to hide the text across all scenes in the video, then you can click on any scene to proceed.

  • Next, go to the scene bar as shown below, find the hide text icon which is denoted by a 'CC'

  • Click on the icon to hide the text on the scene. This will trigger an 'Apply to all' button, asking if you want to hide text on all scenes. Click the button to apply the change across the video.

  • Click the 'x' on the 'Apply to all' button to keep the changes to one scene only.

And that's how you hide the text on video!

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