Scene Reordering
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Now you do not have to worry if you want to move scenes and change their order. Pictory now has a feature to reorder scenes.

Here's how you can use the Scene Reordering feature:

1. Start with Article to Video, Script to Video, or Video Editing.

2. Once you reach the step where you can edit scenes (Storyboard), that is where you can also move the scenes and change their order.

3. You will see a drag-and-drop icon to the left of your scene text.

4. You can also reorder linked scenes. The link would not break, the entire group of scenes would move:

Things to remember

  • The number of scenes will automatically change after you change the order.

  • The feature is available for Article/ Script to video as well as Video Editing

  • A scene cannot be moved in between Linked scenes. If you want to do so, you can unlink and then add the scene in between and again link the scenes.

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