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How to remove filler words from your video recordings?
How to remove filler words from your video recordings?

Here is how you can remove filler words from your transcription and video recordings in your video editing project.

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Filler words can be challenging to omit in natural speech patterns, but there are times when you desire a clean video free from the pesky 'ums,' 'uhs,' and other variants of filler words commonly found in spoken discourse.

With Pictory, you can effortlessly eliminate these filler words from your video without much hassle. Our unique AI effortlessly identifies all occurrences of 'uh' and 'um' and highlights them as filler words. Let us walk you through the process.

Let's get started on how to remove filler words.

  • Upload the video recording you want to edit on Pictory. Go to the third box on the homepage labeled, 'Edit videos using text' and click 'Proceed'.

  • On the next page, select the video of interest and click upload. Please pay attention to the supported video formats and maximum file size.

    • You can also paste the YouTube link and click 'Proceed'.

    • Select the language the uploaded video is in before you proceed,

  • Please wait as the AI transcribes your video on the loading page. You can click 'Home' to initiate another project, and you will receive a notification once the transcription is complete.

  • When the transcription is done, you will be taken to the next page will should look like the screenshot below, the transcription on the left panel and the video preview on the right.

  • To remove filler words from your transcription and from the video as well, simply toggle on the 'Remove filler words' option in the top centre of the screen.

  • Option toggled off - Notice filler words still present - Filler words are marked in red.

  • Option toggled on - Notice filler words removed from transcription and video preview. Filler words, once marked in red are now represented by the undo button.

  • To clarify, filler words that are removed will not appear in the subtitles nor will they be heard in the voice portion of the video. They will be effectively taken out of the video as if the speaker had never said them to begin with.

Marking Words as Filler Words

You can also manually choose words to be marked as filler words and be removed from the transcription and video as well.

  • For example, if you wanted to remove all the instances of 'and' in this example, simply select any occurrence of the word in the transcription and the option to add as a filler word will appear.

  • Once you click 'Add as filler word,' all instances of 'and' will be removed. When the option to remove filler words is toggled off, all instances of 'and' will be marked in red, as other filler words.

Unmarking Words as Filler Words

Similar to marking words as filler words, you may want to unmark a word so it is no longer removed with the other filler words that are marked.

  • To do so, select a word that is currently marked as a filler word and you will see the option to unmark it.

  • Click 'Remove as filler word' and the word will no longer be marked as a filler word and therefore will not be removed should you toggle on the Remove filler words feature.

Follow these steps in your next video editing project to eliminate filler words in your transcription and video.

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