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How to automatically remove silences from a video?
How to automatically remove silences from a video?

Here is how you can remove the silences and pauses from your video and audio recordings in video editing use case.

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Do you have a raw video or audio recording you want to clean up and edit? You could easily do part of that cleaning up on Pictory before you start editing it and in this article. we will show you how to clean up your recording by removing silences.

The "Remove silences" feature is used to take away unwanted pauses that may have been recorded in the video. Examples of recordings where the Remove Silences option could be useful include:

  1. A Webinar

  2. A video presentation

  3. A recorded Zoom meeting

Now, let's get started on how to remove silences.

  • Upload the video recording you want to edit on Pictory. Go to the third box on the homepage labeled, "Edit videos using text" and click "Proceed".

  • On the next page, select the video of interest and click upload. Please pay attention to the supported video formats and maximum file size.

    • You can also paste the YouTube link and click "Proceed".

    • The language is set to English by default but you can change the language if your recording is not in English before you proceed.

  • Wait a while while AI transcribes your video on the loading page. You can click "Home" to start another project, and you will be notified when the transcription is ready.

  • After the video is transcribed it will look as shown below.

  • To remove silences, simply turn on the toggle button next to "Remove silences".

    • You will be prompted to select what duration of silence you want removed from the video.

    • You can remove silences as small as 0 seconds or as long as 99 seconds. Use the UP and DOWN arrow to increase or decrease the duration or type in a number between 0-99.

    • Click "OK" after setting the time. All the silences will be removed.

  • The silences, once denoted by '......' when removed, will be replaced with an UNDO icon on the transcription.

    • The remove silences toggle will also be green to indicate that the feature is on.

  • In case you want the natural silence in the video on any line, click on the undo icon and the change will be undone.

  • If you wish to UNDO it all at once, just TURN OFF the REMOVE SILENCES and the silences will be restored.

And just like that, you have successfully removed the silences from your video!

Please note that this option is only available for video editing scenarios in projects started with "Edit videos using text".

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