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How to create a video from a script?
How to create a video from a script?
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If you are unsure what qualifies as a script, click here to learn more.

  1. Click on Start to begin with your script

  2. You will be prompted to a screen where you can paste in your own script, or type it out in the box provided.

  3. On this page, you have the option to manually Highlight your Keywords or let AI perform the magic for you.

  4. Scene settings

    • Auto highlight keywords

    • Auto visuals selection

    • Create new scenes either using sentence breaks or Line breaks

  5. Click proceed when you are finished either pasting or typing your own script to continue to the next step.

  6. You will then be prompted to select a Template.
    The Templates Library includes all the default templates.
    My Templates includes any custom templates edited by you.

  7. Please select the aspect ratio and click Continue to create your video.

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