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Why can't I use Getty Images on the Starter plan?
Why can't I use Getty Images on the Starter plan?
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If you're on the Starter plan, you might notice a 'crown' icon on certain visuals in your search results. Additionally, if you attempt to use a visual with the crown icon in your video, you'll encounter a blocking message, as shown in the screenshot below.

Why is this happening?

Currently, Pictory offers visuals from two stock providers: Storyblocks and Getty Images. Getty Images visuals are a Premium feature, unavailable to Starter plan users. Despite seeing Getty Images results in your visual searches, you cannot apply these visuals to your videos.

Getty Images visuals are exclusively accessible to Professional and Teams plan users. During a free trial, Getty Images can be used, but this access ends with the trial unless you subscribe to Professional or Teams.

Don't worry, though. As a Starter plan user, you can still access 1.5 million+ visuals from our other stock provider, Storyblocks. These visuals are at your disposal to enhance and enliven your videos with color and vibrancy.

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