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How to trim visuals added as layers
How to trim visuals added as layers

Follow simple steps to trim durations and frames of videos in your scenes.

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If you have multiple visuals in a scene, especially visuals added as a layer, and need to trim each one individually, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the scene with the visual you want to adjust on the storyboard.

  2. Select the specific visual you wish to trim.

  3. Once selected, locate the toolbar at the top of the viewport and click the ‘trim’ button.

  4. Adjust the duration of the visual to your desired length by dragging along the seek bar to your desired length. Then confirm your changes by clicking the check button.

  5. It's important to note that trimming a visual that is as a layer within the scene won't affect the overall scene duration. However, if you're trimming the background visual, you'll have the option to sync the trimmed visual's duration with the scene duration.

Follow these steps to efficiently trim visuals within your scenes to meet your precise requirements.

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