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How to mute/unmute uploaded videos on scenes
How to mute/unmute uploaded videos on scenes

Learn how to mute or unmute uploaded videos within scenes with our simple guide.

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If you've added uploaded videos with audio to a scene and need to control their audio output, here’s how you can get it done:

Please note that all videos added as layers are initially muted, and you’ll need to unmute to hear the attached audio manually.

Let's proceed with how to mute/unmute the uploaded videos added to a scene.:

  1. Go to the scene with the video you want to adjust on the storyboard.

  2. On the scene, select the video you wish to mute/unmute.

  3. Once selected, locate the toolbar at the top of the viewport and click the ‘speaker’ button to toggle the video's mute/unmute status.

  4. This action will mute or unmute the video depending on its previous state.

  5. Preview the scene to ensure the audio in your video aligns with your preferences before proceeding.

With these steps to you will be able to control the audio output of your uploaded videos within scenes.

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