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How to Generate Multiple Short Videos from One Long Webinar or a Video Podcast?
How to Generate Multiple Short Videos from One Long Webinar or a Video Podcast?
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Steps to create multiple short videos from one long video for social media

Step 1: Upload your video

  • Begin by clicking proceed on 'Edit Videos using Text' - the third box on our homepage.

  • On the next window, upload or drag and drop the video file (supported video formats - mp4 and mov) from your PC. For example, this could be your zoom or a Teams recording. Click upload to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Automatic video transcription

  • Pictory AI will automatically transcribe the voice in your video. This may take a few moments but you can click on the 'Home' button to work on other things and the transcription will continue in the background.

  • Once your video has been transcribed, you will be presented with the transcription on the left and the preview of your video on the right as seen below.

Step 3: Selecting video clips

  • Now that you video has been transcribed, you can now proceed with choosing the parts of the video you want to create a short clip from.

  • Start with selecting relevant sentences from the transcription (on the left side) and click on 'Download video' from the drop-down option. You can select as many sentences as you would like to have short clips.

  • The video creation will be triggered in the background and the progress can be seen under the bell icon.

Step 4: Download the video clips

You will be notified after the video generation is completed. Just click on the video link under the bell icon and the download options open.

  • Click on 'Download' to download the MP4 file to your PC.

  • Click on 'Export text' to download the associated text file in the video clip. ( available in srt, txt and vtt)

  • Click on 'Export audio' to download the associated audio from the video clip. (available in mp3)

  • Click on 'Copy link' to generate a shareable link to your video that you can share with others.

Step 5: Customize your video

  • If you want like to further edit your short video clips before downloading them - add background music, b-rolls, add your logo, intro, outro, brand colors and fonts - after selecting the relevant sentences, instead of clicking 'Download' from the dropdown, click 'Add to highlights'.

  • Then go to the 'Highlights' tab and mark the checkbox(es) next to the sentence(s) you want to create a short clip for and want to customize. You can highlight as many sentences as you like but ensure you are only selecting the sentences in the parts of the video you want to customize.

  • Then click 'Customize highlights video'. This will move your highlighted video to the storyboard where you can continue editing it and add branding elements before downloading.

You can create as many short clips as you want from your long video with the aforementioned steps. Try it for yourself β€” it's easy and simple.

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