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Generate and Download/Export Video
Generate and Download/Export Video
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Generate and Download/Export Video

Once you are done making and editing your video, you can generate the video and then you will have a couple of options for how to export the video out of Pictory.

Step 1: You will need to select either "Generate Video" or "Customize Video" from the menu in the top right corner of the screen:

"Customize Video" will allow you to modify any of the selected videos/images, edit the scenes, add background music, as well as add an intro, outro, logo, and other branding settings to your video.

If you do not want to further customize your video and you want to finish your video, you can select "Generate Video" which will allow you to download the video or export it/share it.

Step 2: Generate Video

When you click "Generate Video", your video will start generating, which you can see in your notifications. You can click away from the notifications dropdown and come back to it when your video has finished generating or to check on the progress of your video.

Step 3: Export Video

Once your video has finished generating, it will bring you to this tab:

From here, you are able to:

  • Download the video to your computer

  • Copy a shareable link to the video

  • Share the video through Vimeo (the "Share" button will take you to the Vimeo video webpage where you or others are able to download your video directly)

  • Export text as an .SRT, .VVT, or .TXT file

You can always return to this download/export page by clicking on the generated project in your Notifications or clicking on this project in "My Projects".

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