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How to generate a video and download it?
How to generate a video and download it?
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How to generate a video

  • Once you have started a project on Pictory, you will eventually reach the storyboard.

  • From the storyboard, assuming you're satisfied with the preview of your video and you're ready to generate it, click on "Download" at the top right-hand corner of your workspace.

  • When you click on download, a dialog box will open to show you the progress of video generation. You can either let it run that way (foreground mode), or click on 'Run in background' to run background mode - so you can continue working on other projects.

*Please note that the 'Run in background' button will not be activated until the video preprocessing stage is done. So don't fret if the button is disabled at first, just give it a while.

How to download a video

Once your video has been generated in the foreground mode, you will see a new dialog box with the download option available:

  1. Click 'Download' to download your video (mp4 file) to your laptop/PC

  2. Click 'Export text' to download the text in your video, this file is available in 3 formats - .srt, .txt and .vtt

  3. Click 'Export audio' to download the associated audio file (mp3 file) inclusive of both the background music and voiceovers (both AI and recorded).

  4. Click 'Copy link' to get a shareable link to your video.

How to download a video from the notifications tab

  1. Click on the video title from the notification panel will open this dialog box from where you can then download your generated video.

How to download your video from the 'My Projects' page

  1. Go to My Projects > find the project you want to download;

  2. Open the project, go to the tile labelled 'video',

  3. Click on the 3 dots and then click 'Download' from the dropdown.

FAQ: I can't find my generated video under the notification panel. Why is that? Where do I go now?​

The generated video disappears from the notification panel if you've clicked on it once. This helps us keep the panel clean for you. If this is the case for you, don't worry, you can always find your project and all its assets (videos, text files, project files) under the My Projects tab!

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