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How to download a generated video?
How to download a generated video?
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To download your generated video, you can follow different paths.

Downloading from the Storyboard

Once you have clicked 'Download' and generated your video from the storyboard, this modal will be displayed.

  1. Click 'Download' to download your video (mp4 file) to your laptop/PC

  2. Click 'Export text' to download the text in your video, this file is available in 3 formats - .srt, .txt and .vtt

  3. Click 'Export audio' to download the associated audio file (mp3 file) inclusive of both the background music and voiceovers (both AI and recorded).

  4. Click 'Copy link' to get a shareable link to your video.

Downloading from My Projects

You can also access your generated projects from the My projects page.

  1. Go to My projects > Open your project > Under the assets, find your video.

  2. Click on the three dots > download to download your video to your laptop/PC

  3. Click 'Share' to get a shareable link to your video.

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