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How to record voice scene by scene?
How to record voice scene by scene?
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Did you know that on Pictory you can add a voice-over scene by scene to your video? You can do this by either recording your voiceover directly on the app or uploading a voiceover that was recorded and generated on another tool. Keep reading to learn more about how to add your voiceover scene-by-scene.

To record voice-over scene-by-scene

  1. On the storyboard page, select the scene for which you are recording the voice-over. You can do this on the left panel or on the scene strip below the preview screen.

  2. Then go to "Add voice-over" on the scene bar.

3. Click on the "Record voice-over" below the scene from the dropdown options.

4. You can also record your voice-over elsewhere and add it to the scene using the upload voice-over option.

5. Click on the record icon on the pop-up modal to start recording.

6. Once you are done recording click on the same icon to stop.

7. After recording, click on Apply to apply the voiceover to that particular scene. To rerecord, repeat the same steps.

8. Once applied, your recordings are automatically saved, so you don't have to worry about manually saving them.

9. All your recorded and uploaded voiceovers can be found in the Audio tab > My uploads > Voice-over

10. To remove the voiceover on a scene, click on 'x' next to the voice-over applied to the scene as seen below. Or go to the 'Add voice-over' button on the scene bar and select "Remove voice-over" as seen below.

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