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How to download the project file?
How to download the project file?
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How to download a project file

1. First off, log in to your Pictory account and switch to the workspace where the project of interest is.

2. For instance, if the project is in your personal workspace, then switch to the personal workspace. If the project is in your team's workspace, then switch to a team's workspace.

3. To switch between workspaces, go to the Profile icon on the top right corner and select the relevant workspace from the dropdown.

4. Once you are in the right workspace, go to the projects page. For users in the personal workspace, go to 'My projects'. For users in the team's workspace, go to 'Team projects'.

5. On the projects page, find the project you want to download and click on the download icon on the thumbnail, then click on 'Project file'.

6. This will automatically download the project to your computer.

Also, on the projects page, you can click on the project to open it and then click on the download icon on the project file (which will always be the first file on the page) as seen in the screenshot below

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