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How to migrate projects from one account to another?
How to migrate projects from one account to another?
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To move your projects and videos from your old account to the new account, please follow the steps below:

How to export projects from an old account

  • On your old account, go to 'My projects'.

  • On the project page, when you find the project you want to migrate, hover above it and then click on the download icon.

  • After clicking the download icon, click the 'Project file' button which should be right after.

  • This will automatically download the project file to your computer.

  • Do this for as many project files as you want to export.

How to import projects to a new account

  • On the new account, go to 'My projects'.

  • On the My projects pages, click on 'Import projects' on the left panel.

  • You will see a pop-up window on your screen to select the file from your Laptop/PC.

  • Select the already downloaded files from your computer and import them into your new account.

You will now have all the files on the new account.

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