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How to change my email ID on Pictory?
How to change my email ID on Pictory?
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If you wish to change your email ID associated with Pictory because you've registered with an incorrect email address, or you don't have access to your email ID anymore, here's what you can do:

1. Create a 'Free Trial' account with the new email address.

2. Reach out to us via Live Chat or at [email protected] and share the following:

a) Your initial email address that you want to change

b) Your new email address that you used to create the Free Trial account

c) The reason behind your switch.

Once you do this, our customer support team will help you with the license transfer from your old email address to your new ID.

What's next?

After your license transfer is complete, you can log out of all your accounts on Pictory and log in with the email address you wish to use henceforth. You'll see that your subscription has now been transferred.

*Please note, that license transfer or change of email ID is not applicable for lifetime accounts. (Tier1, Tier2, Tier3)

What about your projects?

Any projects on your old account will have to be transferred to your new account. To do so:

1. Export all the current projects from the old account by downloading them to your PC. Learn more on how to do that.

2. Import them into your new account — more info on how to do that.

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