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How to create a video from a blog?
How to create a video from a blog?
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If you are unsure what qualifies as an article link, click here to learn more.

  1. Copy and Paste your Article Link

  2. Begin by copying and pasting the article link you would like to create into a video. Then, click proceed to continue to the next step.

  3. If you are using an article link, in just a few moments, Pictory's unique artificial intelligence will summarize your article.

  4. On the left is your source article and on the right is the summary of the article.

  5. To manually unselect sentences, just scroll and hit the X icon or on the right select the scene and hit the delete icon.

  6. To manually select a new line, just highlight the sentence.

  7. You can edit the text on the summary screen just by clicking on the text.

  8. To reorder scenes, use the icon next to the scene. Drag and drop to the new position.

  9. Under scene settings

  10. Auto highlight keywords - When selected, AI picks keywords from your article summary. When turned off, you manually can select the keywords.

  11. Auto visual selection - When selected AI will pick images based on the keywords. When turned off, its a blank screen and you can manually pick images.

  12. Once you have adjusted the summary to your liking, click Next in the top right to continue to proceed to the storyboard where you can customise and download your final video.

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