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How to remove the Pictory watermark/branding from my video?
How to remove the Pictory watermark/branding from my video?
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The Pictory watermark/branding is visible on your downloaded videos only during the Free Trial period. After subscribing to any of our paid plans, this watermark will no longer be present. You can have a look at the pricing and feature chart by clicking here.

However, it's important to understand that subscribing to a paid plan won't automatically remove the Pictory watermark/branding from your existing videos. To remove the branding from any videos you created and downloaded during the free trial, you'll need to re-download them.

Fortunately, this process is quite straightforward. Simply open the video and click the 'Download' button again. The newly downloaded video, now generated under a paid plan, will be free of the Pictory branding/watermark.

Pictory watermark seen on videos downloaded during the free trial

If the Pictory watermark/branding is still visible in your videos downloaded after subscribing to a paid plan, please reach out to [email protected] for help.

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