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What languages does Pictory support?
What languages does Pictory support?
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Script-to-Video and Article-to-Video

AI voiceover and AI visual search support 29 languages. Captions are available in 19 of the 29. You can learn more about languages available for voiceover and captioning here.

If you wish to add a script and voiceover in a language our AI tools don't yet support, it is nonetheless possible to do so. To sync the audio and video, take the following steps:

  • Select Adjust voiceover

  • On the screen, use the green lines to trim the scene. Select Save and then Close.

Edit Video Using Text, Transcription, and Filler Word Removal

Pictory's tools for editing video and audio support the following 13 languages:

English (US, AU, UK, IN, IE, AB, WL), French (CA, FR), German, Swiss German, Italian, Spanish (ES, LA), Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Hindi, and Tamil.

You can select your video's language prior to uploading, using the dropdown in the upper right hand corner.

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