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How to purchase a Team's subscription?
How to purchase a Team's subscription?
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Here's how you can upgrade your team's subscription on Pictory from a free trial to a paid plan. However, before you proceed, please note that only team admins (users who created the team) can purchase a plan for the team.

  • First off, on the homepage, go to the profile icon and switch to the workspace of the team you created.

  • After switching to your team, you'll see a notification 'Switched to X workspace' confirming the switch. (Where X is the name of your team)

  • In the team's workspace, go back to the profile icon, and from the dropdown menu, click 'My Subscriptions'' to be directed to the subscription page.

  • On the subscription page, you will see the project quota panel (marked in red in the image below) where you can find the details about your subscription plan. When you upgrade your subscription, you can always check out this page to see how much of your allocated quota you have used up and what's left to spend.

  • Below the project quota panel are the subscription plans. Go to the 'Teams'.

  • The Teams plan is customizable to enable team admins to tailor the subscription to meet the unique needs of their team. There are 3 parameters for customization here:

1. Click 'Buy Now' when you are ready to proceed with the purchase.

2. You will be directed to the order summary page where you will see a breakdown of your subscription plan details and the total cost before you proceed with payment.

3. Click 'Proceed' once you have confirmed the details on the order summary page to be directed to the payment page where you can enter your card details and finalize the payment.

Purchasing Teams plan FAQ

Who can purchase a plan on the team?

Only the team owner (the user who created the group) can purchase a plan for the team.

How is project quota allocated within a team?

Every video generated and downloaded by users within the team counts towards the quota. Regardless of if this project is shared with the rest of the team or not.

What if I have more members on my team than my plan covers?

If you have more members on your team than your plan covers, the last users to join the team will be deactivated from the plan. However, you can always change the status of a team member as an admin to include or exclude them from the plan, while staying within the member limit of your subscription.

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