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Frequently Asked Questions - Subscriptions
Frequently Asked Questions - Subscriptions

Here's everything you need to know about subscriptions on Pictory.

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Plan Flexibility

1. What happens at the end of my free trial?

At the end of your free trial, your access to your account will be restricted unless you subscribe to a plan. Your account will not be billed unless you manually subscribe to one of our paid plans. There are no hidden charges if you do not subscribe, your card WILL NOT be charged. Here’s how to upgrade from a free trial.

2. How will you bill me?

We offer monthly and annual billing options. Annual subscriptions are billed annually and monthly subscriptions are billed monthly. Opting for annual billing could save you up to 34% compared to monthly payments. Here’s how the pricing is calculated.

3. Can I change or cancel my plan later on?

Yes, you can change or cancel your plan anytime. If you cancel, it will take effect at the end of your current term. If you upgrade, the change is immediate; if you downgrade, it takes effect at the end of your billing cycle. Here’s how to cancel.

4. What is your refund policy?

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to use Pictory risk-free for two weeks, from your subscription purchase date.

5. What should I know about quotas?

Quotas reset at 9 AM GMT on the first of every month. Unused quotas do not carry over to the next month, so be sure to use them before each new month starts. Please note that the quota reset is independent of your plan renewal.


6. How are add-on charges calculated?

For monthly subscribers, charges are prorated based on the remaining time in the billing cycle. Annual subscribers are charged a prorated fee for the initial month plus the full monthly fee for subsequent months until renewal.

7. When will my add-on expire?

Add-ons renew automatically monthly or annually unless canceled before the renewal date. If canceled, they expire at the end of the current billing cycle. Add-on quotas reset on the 1st of each month.

Team's Workspace

8. What if I have more members on my team than my plan covers?

Additional members beyond your plan's limit will be deactivated. However, you can adjust team member statuses to include or exclude them from the plan while staying within your subscription's member limit.

9. Will my personal workspace subscription affect my team's workspace?

No, subscriptions for personal and team workspaces are independent. An expired or canceled subscription on a personal workspace doesn't affect the team workspace, and vice versa.

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