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How to share video preview outside Pictory?
How to share video preview outside Pictory?
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Do you ever wish you could share a preview of your video project, gather feedback on it to make corrections, and then download the improved version? Well, now you can accomplish this using Pictory. Keep reading to find out how.

  • On the storyboard, once you are satisfied with your project or you are at a stage where you are ready to share it and collect feedback, click the 'Preview' button on the top right corner.

  • On the preview screen, in the top right corner of the preview itself, click the 'Copy preview link' button to copy the preview link to be shared.

  • After copying the link, you will see a 'Link copied' confirmation message right under the button.

  • After copying the link or watching the preview, to exit the preview screen, you can click the 'x' on the top right-hand corner of the page, click anywhere on the screen outside the preview itself, or press the 'esc' key on your keyboard.

  • You can share the copied preview link with your friends, coworkers or on social media.

Please note that this is a view-only link, and other individuals with whom the link is shared will not have the ability to edit or download your video through this link.

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