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Getting to know Brand Kits in Pictory
Getting to know Brand Kits in Pictory

A brief introduction to brand kits and how it works.

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Brand Kits lets you quickly apply predetermined styles to any project. You can use Brand Kits to:

  • Drive brand recognition.

  • Ensure that your projects align with your company’s brand guidelines.

  • Create unique and consistent content for each of your clients.

  • Manage multiple video series with distinct looks and feels.

How do Brand Kits work?

When you apply a Brand Kit on the Storyboard, it updates the current Background Music and the font, color, and size of your captions with the Brand’s presets. If you add a logo in the Brand Designer, it will also be added to all scenes.

The rest of your presets will be visible in the Branding tab, and in other convenient locations on the Storyboard.

  • Brand Colors will appear as swatches above the color picker.

  • Your default AI Voice(s) will be at the top of the voice list in the Voiceover tab (note: your default AI Voice will not be automatically applied to your project).

  • Uploaded Brand Visuals and Background Music will appear under their respective My Uploads tabs with a tag icon that indicates they are part of the applied brand.

- Your brand components will have this tag next to them on the storyboard.

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