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What belongs in a Brand Kit?
What belongs in a Brand Kit?

A comprehensive guide to everything available in a brand kit.

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Let’s break down the essential elements of a Brand Kit on Pictory:

  • Brand Name

    • Your Brand Name is only used within Pictory. Give each brand a name that helps you stay organized.

  • Brand Logos

    • A logo can be any image that you would like to regularly associate with your brand. The first logo you upload will automatically be added as the default and will appear in the Brand Designer.

  • Brand Colors

    • You can add as many Brand Colors as you like, and they will appear as swatches on the Storyboard’s color picker. The first color you add will be the default background for your captions, but you can change it by selecting another of your Brand Colors.

  • Brand Font

    • Select a Brand Font from Pictory’s font library. This will be the default font applied with your brand. (Note: Pictory does not currently support custom font uploads)

  • Visuals

    • Upload any frequently used images or videos to the Visuals section of your Brand Kit to make them easier to find on the Storyboard. You can also set these visuals as either the default intro or outro for your brand.

  • Background Music

    • You can add default Background Music either by uploading your own track or choosing from Pictory’s extensive collection of royalty-free music.

  • AI Voices

    • Select one or more AI Voices as brand favorites. The first voice you select will appear at the top of the Voice List on the Storyboard but will not be automatically applied to your projects.

Brands can be modified as often as needed. Feel free to make changes and incorporate new elements as your brand evolves.

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