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How can I adjust the volume of the voice-over?
How can I adjust the volume of the voice-over?
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Have you ever wanted to reduce or increase the volume of the voiceover in your video? Whether it's an AI voiceover or your own voiceover, here's how you can adjust the volume of your voiceover for better sound quality.

  • On the storyboard, click on the "Audio" tab on the menu on the left side of the screen.

  • From "Audio", go to "Volume"

  • Here, you will see two sliders for volume control - one for background music and another for voiceover.

  • Drag along the slider to choose your preferred percentage.

  • Preview your video to hear your applied voice-over at the new volume.

*The volume control for voiceovers applies to both AI voiceovers and uploaded/recorded voiceovers. However, please note that the slider is disabled for video editing cases where the video was transferred from the transcription step to the storyboard. This is because the audio was not applied on the storyboard, and as a result, adjustments to the volume can't be made here.

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