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How to create a team and add team members?
How to create a team and add team members?
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Are you ready to create a team on Pictory where you can collaborate with other users on a shared workspace? Here's how to go about it.

How to create a team

  • After logging in to your Pictory account, you will be taken to the homepage where you will find the 'Create a team' button. You can also go to your profile avatar and click on 'New team' as well as shown below.

  • Clicking either of these two buttons will open a modal where you will be prompted to enter the name of your proposed team and the email ID of the people you want on your team.

  • When you are done, click the 'Create team' button at the bottom of the modal to create a team.

  • Upon successful creation of your new team, you will be taken to the 'Team projects' page where you will see a welcome message.

  • The Profile dropdown will also open on the right panel as shown below in the screenshot to show you where you can go to switch workspaces. (from personal to team's and vice versa).

  • Click the 'Open team workspace' button in the message to switch from your personal workspace to your new team's workspace.

  • The drop-down menu from the Profile icon is where you can always confirm which workspace you are currently working in at any time.

  • You can click 'Create your team's first project' to start working on a new project within the team's workspace or click 'Import projects to collaborate' to import projects from your personal workspace or Upload Pictory project files from your computer.

How do I switch from one workspace to the other?

You can always switch from one workspace to another, from personal to team's and from team's to personal. To do this:

  • Go to the My Profile dropdown menu, there you will see a list of all workspaces you are in. Your personal workspace will always be the first on the list.

  • When you click on any of the workspaces from the list, you will be switched to that workspace and you will see a notification confirming the switch.

  • There will be a checkmark next to your current workspace and when you switch to another workspace, the checkmark will be moved to the workspace you switched to.

How do I add more team members?

After creating a team you can always add more users to your team in addition to those you first invited when you created the team. There are two ways you can add more members to your team.

Adding team members on the homepage:

  • Once you have created a team, the team the 'Create a team' button will change to 'Manage team'. Click this button to be directed to the team account page where you can add more team members.

Adding team members from 'My Profile'

  • You can also add more team members by going to the profile avatar. From the 'My Profile' dropdown menu, click on the name of the team you created that you want to add more members to

  • When you have switched to the relevant team's workspace, go back to the 'My profile? dropdown menu, and click on 'Manage team' in the menu to be taken to the team account page where you will be able to add more team members.

  • On the team's accounts page, click the 'Add Team Member' button and enter the email ID of the users in the text box. Click 'Send invite' when you are done.

  • After an invite has been sent to a team member, before they accept the invite, their status will be denoted by the pending icon as seen below.

  • Once a user has accepted the invitation to join your team on their end, the pending icon will be changed to active as seen below.

And that's how easy it is to create a team and add team members!

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