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A guide to collaborating on Pictory
A guide to collaborating on Pictory
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Ready to embark on a collaborative journey with Pictory? Let's get started:

Importing Old Projects

If you have existing projects in your personal workspace that you wish to collaborate on with your team members, follow these steps to import them. In case you want to start fresh or don't have any old projects to share, simply click on 'Create New Project' on the team's projects page or head to the homepage to initiate a new project. Learn more.

Sharing Your Projects with the Team

Once you've either created a new project or imported existing ones from your personal workspace, you might be wondering how to share them with your team. Not to worry, here are the steps to guide you through the process. Learn more.

Collaborating with Team Members

If you're eager to work jointly on a project with another team member, we've got you covered! Find out more details and best practices for seamless collaboration right here. Learn more.

Accessing Shared Projects and Assets

If a team member has shared projects and other assets with you, you may wonder where to find them. Fear not, we'll show you exactly where to locate these shared resources for smooth team collaboration. Learn more.


Pictory is all about fostering effective teamwork and creative endeavors. So, whether you're importing projects, sharing them with your team, collaborating, or accessing shared resources, we've got everything you need to make the most of your collaborative experience.

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