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How to add an intro/outro visual to my video?
How to add an intro/outro visual to my video?

Here is how you can add your intro visual to your brand and video project

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Do you have specific visuals, such as images or videos, that you frequently use as your intro/outro scene in videos? You can add these visuals to your brand to ensure a consistent and professional look for every video you create on Pictory.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Start by creating a brand kit. If you've already created one, proceed to the next step.

  • Navigate to the brands' page by clicking 'Brand kits' on the header.

  • Select the brand to which you want to add an intro visual and click on it to access the brand's editing page.

  • On the brand editing page, go to the section labelled "Visuals."

  • Click on 'Upload' to add the visual you wish to use as your intro scene.

  • Once the visual is uploaded, hover over it to reveal two tags - 'Set as intro' and 'Set as outro.' Check the appropriate box based on whether you want the visual to serve as the intro or outro.

  • You can set the same visual for the intro and outro by ticking both boxes on the tile.

  • Changes made on this page are automatically saved.

From this point forward, when you create a new project, simply apply this brand, and your designated intro and outro visual will be automatically applied to the video as the first and last scenes respectively.

You can also set a brand as default so that that brand is automatically applied to all your new projects without any input from your end. For more detailed information on setting a brand as the default, please refer to this article.

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