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How to add different logos to scenes?
How to add different logos to scenes?

Here is a breakdown of how you can add different logos to intro and outro and other scenes.

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You might have different logo variations for certain scenes in your video. For instance, your intro and outro scenes might have a different logo from the rest of the scenes in your video. If that's the case, here is how you can add a different logo to multiple scenes in your video.

  • First, upload all the variations of your logo to the brand kit. This way, it will be easy for you to access and apply it.

  • Next, you can start a new project or open an old one as required.

  • On the storyboard, go to the 'Branding' tab to apply the brand with the logo variations (if not already applied).

  • Then select the scene you want to apply the logo to. If it is the intro scene, select scene 1, If it is the outro scene, select the last scene.

  • Return to the 'Branding' tab on the left panel.

  • Click on the logo you want to apply to your pre-selected scene. Clicking the logo will automatically apply it to the scene.

    • If there is already a logo on your pre-selected scene, be sure to delete it before you apply the new logo.

  • Once apply, you can then reposition and resize as needed.

  • You can use these steps to apply any logo to any scene.

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