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AutoSync Voice Over Demo

Using this feature, you are able to record a voice-over and auto-sync it with the entire script.

Step 1: Upload Script and Create Video

Using the Script to Video mode, upload your script and generate a video with it.

Step 2: Record Voice-Over

Under the video preview, you can select the option to either upload or record a voice-over.

To record a voice-over, click "Record voice-over" and a new window will pop up.

Click the red button in the middle to start recording the voice-over for the video.

Now, record the entire voice-over for your whole video (read out the whole script on the left side of the screen). When you are done, click the stop button in the middle of the screen to stop recording.

Then, click "Apply" in the bottom right corner. By default, this will apply the voice-over to the scene you have selected. However, if you go to "Audio" (left side navigation menu) and then click on "My uploads" and "Voice-over" you can edit this voice-over.

Step 3: Make the voice-over autosync with the entire video

When you click "My uploads", the most recent upload will be the voice-over you just recorded through Pictory. This is also where you can upload other voice-overs to use in your video. You will see that the voice-over is currently applied to Scene 1.

Hover over 'Scene 1' and click the "X" on the right side to remove the voice-over from Scene 1.

You will now see the option for "entire video" appear which will allow you to autosync the voiceover to the entire video. Click on "Entire Video".

Pictory will prompt you to ask if your voice-over includes an intro and outro to be able to seamlessly sync the voice-over. Then, Pictory will autosync the voice-over to your whole video.

You will then be able to see a preview of the final video.

Step 4: Adjust Voice-Over as Needed

If you need to adjust the voice-over or the timing in the video, you can now select "Adjust voice-over" below the video preview.

You will be able to edit each scene's voice-over audio individually (trim it, move it forward/backward, etc).

Once you've adjusted each scene to your liking, you can preview the video or save it to apply this voice-over to the video. Please note that the auto sync feature for voiceovers is only available to users on Pictory's Premium Plan.

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